All you need is some metal pipe, a tile and some wooden slats.


Start by deciding which size you want. I then cut some wooden slats which I treated with decorative wax. In order for the substrate to withstand candle wax and not catch fire, I chose to cut a piece of a tile. Then I glued it together with super glue to a frame with tiles at the bottom.


I also cut out some 2 cm high metal pipe pieces which I spray painted black.
When they had dried I glued them to the tile.

I wanted to have some extra decoration so I inserted an extra tube and inserted a testtube into which I can put leaves, bushes etc. I think it became more decorative.


Hope this was inspiring. Perfect to make and give as a gift to someone who has everything.Sorry some of the pictures are small, they were taken quite a while ago with an old camera.

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