I wanted to make a cool and simple plant box for my plants. All you need is some wood slats and strong glue.

Measurements: Height: 60 cm, Width: 27 cm and length: 69 cm.

Start by deciding on the type of material you want, I went for oak slats which I have treated with clear wax. You can also make this with ordinary wood and paint it.

Cut to the desired measurement and start gluing together. I glued one wall at a time, before gluing them all together into a rectangle. Finally, I glued the bottom so that it flush with the underside of the top slats. So it doesn't become visible.

To make the box a bit lively and fun, I glued slats with a 2 cm difference in height.

A tip is to use a clamp to hold it together when it dries. Of course, you can also screw it together if you wish. Remember to sand over all edges and treat the wood with whatever you want.

Hope this was inspiring. I love my plant box, I get to collect the plants and they don't have to be moved every time the house needs cleaning.

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