Claire Douglas

Claire Douglas

England , UK Instagram TikTok Website DIY & interior styling expert for some of the leading interior magazines.I can save you thousands with my online course-DIY & home styling on a budget

Summer home improvement ideas

Now that the weather is improving, there are lots of DIYs you can tackle to improve the value of your home and maximise your enjoyment of your space. Here are a few examples. Each one has a blog post linked. These projects are all budget-friendly, DIYable and many have a...

Microcement and how to use it in your home

Regular readers will already know that I'm a BIG fan of microcement for DIYing home improvements. I've used this marvellous material extensively in my own home with great results and have a few new projects planned for 2024 (if I ever finish the 23423462 DIYs I&...

Time to get busy in the garden!

The weather is finally starting to improve here in the UK which means people are looking to their gardens to start the Summer garden prep ie the sorting and organising that needs to be done each year to get your garden Summer-ready! If you're looking for ideas and...

Utility cupboard: You need these space-saving hacks!

*contains affiliate links I just did a collaboration over on Instagram with B&Q where I transformed an empty (junk-filled) cupboard into a mini-utility room aka a laundry room in a cupboard. It worked so well that I thought I'd share the results with you as I...

All about stairs

From DIY stair runners to optimising the space under them to implementing a maintenance plan, be sure to check this one out! Today's post is all about how to update your stairs in creative and money-saving ways. A couple of years ago, I DIYed a stair runner using...

All about tiles

From green tiles to brick slips via stick-on tiles... here are the posts you need to read! Happy New Year! What have you got planned for 2024? If you're hoping to tackle for room makeovers or DIY projects then I'm here to help! I've...

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