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I just did a collaboration over on Instagram with B&Q where I transformed an empty (junk-filled) cupboard into a mini-utility room aka a laundry room in a cupboard. It worked so well that I thought I'd share the results with you as I know a lot of people are looking for spring cleaning and home decluttering ideas at this time of the year.


Here's what the cupboard looked like before (don't judge!) it was cluttered and chaotic which made it hard to find anything when you needed it and things ended up being thrown in with the door slammed shut after.


Here are the products that I used to transform the space on a budget and get it looking great as well as being super functional.

Back-of-the-door storage

I used these shelving units on the back of the door to optimise the space and storage. They were easy to attach with small screws and are sturdy. I also found that you can use them as roll holders by putting a roll of bags in one of the compartments and pulling it through!

Storage Cube

By removing the shelves and inserting a storage cube (that comes as a handy flat pack) I was able to store tall items like the heated airer and the vacuum.

Rustic baskets

The rustic baskets were a slight splurge as B&Q had a lot of cheaper alternatives for storage baskets and holders for the storage cube compartments, but I was determined to make the overall look of the cupboard aesthetically pleasing, so I felt the £15 cost was worth it. I love the natural look and they also smell great when you open the door!

Plinth clips

I used plinth clips to hold mops and brooms in place on the wall. I simply screwed the clip to the wall and inserted the mop.

Strong wall hooks

In truth, I originally bought this hook to hold the heated airer, but realised that my airer doesn't have large enough gaps to fit the hooks through, so I repurposed it as a handy bag dispenser instead! Gotta love a storage hack and this one is perfect for my bin bag rolls.

Chalkboard for memos

I created a back-of-the-door chalkboard as a place to write reminders and family memos. I liked the idea that they were hidden away so not messy but easy to find when you need them. I used chalkboard paint and a lovely Harris paintbrush

Eco-friendly cleaning products

I discovered that B&Q had a great range of eco-friendly cleaning products, so I stocked up on baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and white vinegar to store in the compartment, as well as non-plastic sponges for cleaning.

The final item that I bought was a bargain dustpan and brush set that came in at only £2!

You can watch the reel I made of the process here

and read the blog post I wrote with the step-by-step of the transformation process here

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