Upcycled Vanity Unit DIY Slatted Log & Bin Store DIY Slatted Planter

Slatted Wood 3

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Upcycled Vanity Unit

How to create a bathroom vanity unit from a thrifted vintage chest of drawers and a old wooden blind. Whilst doing my bathroom budget spruce up, I found a bargain of a buy on a secondhand selling site, a vintage chest of drawers for £20. The plan was to convert...

DIY Slatted Log & Bin Store

A tutorial to create a modern slatted multi purpose storage space for your bins. When we moved in there was already a make shift log store, which we added a shelf for loose wood but it looked so unattractive and it was right outside our back door. So we dismantled...

DIY Slatted Planter

Tutorial to create a raised modern planter for your garden space. The garden wasn't on the list of priorities but during UK lockdown 1.0 we decided to make a start on the outdoors space, as the weather forecast was planned to be amazing. It was tidy when...

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