How to create the easiest piece of furniture yet

Things you need:
• A pair of metal table leg; I opted for the trapezium style
• Scaffolding boards; I opted for 4 plank style
• Screwdriver, battery powered or manual
• Wood glue optional

I purchased the legs from The Hairpinleg Company and to make the project easier, pre cut and sanded scaffording boards from Etsy. But to keep costs down you could always buy full size planks from a local scaffolding company or hardware store and cut them to size. You will probably just need to sand them for treating later.

So first, lay out the planks, I opted for 4 but the best part about the project it that its custom. So you can make it whatever length and width you like. We added 2 pieces of timber across the planks to brace them together. We used wood glue (optional) and screws to fix in place.


Then we placed the metal leg against the brace and fixed in place with the screws provided. You can use a manual screwdriver or battery powered.

Thats one side all braced and fixed in place. Now to repeat on the otherside. Making sure the legs are in the same position.


Now to flip it over and admire what you have built.

We just need to seal the bare timber planks. We used a wax for ease but you can use a clear varnish if you prefer the lighter wood .


Now to style and throw a dinner party.

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