I really wanted a simple look and adding these timber dowel door handles have really added that bespoke and coastal touch to all our Barn doors here at home, i looked for a few timber options but they were all too expensive, so I set out to making our own - Here I show you in a few easy steps how simple it is to Do it yourself and make your own door hardware out of a simple timber oak dowel from @porta_timber and a few tools.  

PLEASE NOTE: You can use this method for any door hardware you are thinking of using, you can purchase smaller diameter and use these on your kitchen cupboards, pantry cupboards, laundry, bathroom any door hardware you are thinking of replacing, its the perfect solution and budget friendly too.

You can even use a round flat piece of timber or ply wood and cut the dowel attachments out and screw then to a piece of round ply, any diameter really,  same method different look, I have added an extra photo of our front door hardware we made a while ago, below for you to see how we made these as well.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Oak timber dowel ( I used a 2 x 1.2m long x 28.6mm round dowel)
  2. Wood glue
  3. Screws
  4. Hand Saw
  5. Drill with hole saw attachment
  6. Sand Paper
  7. Stain ( I used Feast Watson Liming white) you can use any stain really.
  8. Insert nut (as seen in picture  below)
  9. For the Entrance door DIY you will need Marine ply and Dowel ( see Photos Below)

Here's how to do it.

  1. Start with your length, cut it to size, then sand all rough edges back with your sand paper.

2. Next is to cut your door attachment, you can use the same dowel to cut your door attachments ( I used a piece of pine dowel I had left over from another diy) cut with a hole saw, we cut it at a length of 5cm, using the hole saw gives you that indentation you need to attach it to the dowel it your screw and add some glue.

3. The next step is to drill in your attachment a hole for your insert nut, see picture below, then screw in your screw first, then your insert nut.

4. When you have screwed in the your screw and insert nut attach the screw into your dowel adding some glue and your door pull/handle is complete, it is ready for staining and sealing, with a beautiful stain of your choice.

Timber oak dowel from @porta_timber
Cutting the indentation for the attachment piece, to attach neatly to the dowel and forms the door pull/handle
Drilling a hole for the screw and insert nut - ensure you use the right drill bit to the size of the insert nut so that you have the perfect fit.
when the hole is drilled drill in screw first
Then you are ready to put your insert nut in
Now you attach the screw to your dowel add some glue wait for the to dry we waited 24hours, the insert nut is ready to be attached to your door pull screw.
This was our old door pull/handle we used the screw from this handle to attach our new timber door pull/handle to, however, you can purchase these nuts and screws from a hardware store.
Here are our new DIY Oak Timber door pull/handles stained with Feast Watson Liming white.
Here we used Marine plywood into a round 22cm piece and cut the dowel straight and attached 3 pieces to the back of the plywood, and attached it to our front door, then used feast Watson liming white to stain it.
We Made 2 so the same at the front door.
This is our Front Entrance door. DIY Plywood and Timber Dowel Pull/Door Handle

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